Authors of the History of Philosophy

Francisco Suárez: Opera Omnia

This edition of Suárez’ Disputationes Metaphysicae was created primarily from the work of Profs. Salvador Castellote and Michael Renemann with the assistance of Profs. Jean-Paul Coujou, John Doyle and Shane Duarte. Each Disputation includes a note acknowledging the work of the scholar primarily responsible for the text.

Suárez, Francisco, 1548-1617. Disputaciones metafisicas. Ed. y traducción de Sergio Rábade Romeo, Salvador Caballero Sánchez y Antonio Puigcerver Zanón. Madrid: Editorial Gredos, 1960-1966.
_____. Opera Omnia. Edited by André, M., Berton, C., Duval, A. Paris: apud Ludovicum Vivès, 1856-78.