Besides publishing books and journals in Open Access, IFILNOVA has aquired an important set of online resources in the field of Philosophy. You can consult these books, journals and databases free of charge from any computer connected to the wireless of the Avenida de Berna and Campolide campuses or, abroad, through the FCSH ID credentials (instructions here).

Two comprehensive databases, in the areas of studies on Nietzsche and on Greek and Roman antiquity.

Classical Library
More than 550 volumes of Latin and Greek classical texts.

Authors of the History of Philosophy
Edited by IFILNOVA in Partnership with Peter Lang
Lisbon Philosophical Studies — Uses of Language in Interdisciplinary Fields is edited by António Marques and Nuno Venturinha. Its aim is the publication of high-quality monographs, edited collections and conference proceedings in areas related to the philosophy of language, such as aesthetics, argumentation theory, epistemology, ethics, logic, philosophy of mind and political philosophy.