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9th National Meeting in Analytic Philosophy (ENFA 9)

The 9th National Meeting in Analytic Philosophy (ENFA 9) takes place in Lisbon from July 10 to 12. It is hosted by the NOVA Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA) and organized under the auspices of the Portuguese Society for Analytic Philosophy (SPFA). Past editions were held in Coimbra (2002), Porto (2004 and 2022), Lisbon (2006 and 2018), Évora (2009), Braga (2012) and Ponta Delgada (2015).


  • Teresa Marques, University of Barcelona
  • Graham Priest, CUNY / Disputatio Lecturer
  • Ernest Sosa, Rutgers University


In addition to keynote plenary sessions, there will be parallel sessions with contributed papers in the various areas of analytic philosophy, including Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, History of Philosophy, Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophical Methodology, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science, and Social and Political Philosophy. The full programme and the book of abstracts can be accessed through the links provided below.

Programme + additional info

Book of abstracts


Colégio Almada Negreiros



1099-085 Lisboa


Nuno Venturinha (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon, President of SPFA)

Pedro Abreu (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)

Sofia Miguens (IF, University of Porto)

Ricardo Santos (CFUL, University of Lisbon)

Célia Teixeira (CFUL, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)


Alexandra Abranches (University of Minho)

Pedro Abreu (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)

André Barata (PRAXIS, University of Beira Interior)

Susana Cadilha (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)

Giovanni Damele (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)

Raimundo Henriques (CFUL, University of Lisbon)

Bruno Jacinto (CFCUL, University of Lisbon)

Dina Mendonça (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)

José Mestre (CFUL, University of Lisbon)

Sofia Miguens (IF, University of Porto)

Dima Mohammed  (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)

Erich Rast (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)

Mattia Riccardi (IF, University of Porto)

Maria Grazia Rossi (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)

Ricardo Santos (CFUL, University of Lisbon)

Adriana Silva Graça (University of Lisbon)

Célia Teixeira (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro / CFUL, University of Lisbon)

Manuela Teles (IF, University of Porto)

Giulia Terzian (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)

Nuno Venturinha (IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon)


Inside the venue

  • Cafeteria
    5€ – 8€

Outside the venue

  • Pano de boca
    8 minutes walk [map]
    mediterranean, european, portuguese cuisine
    vegetarian and gluten free options
    10€ – 30€
  • O Tacho
    9 minutes walk [map]
    Portuguese cuisine
    15€ – 25€
  • Celeiro
    12 minute walk [map]
    healthy food, portuguese cuisine
    Vegetarian, vegan and Gluten Free Options
    7€ – 12€
  • Linha d’água
    10 minute walk [map]
    Cafe, portuguese and european cuisine
    Vegetarian and vegan options
    10€ – 16€
    (outside tables in a beautiful garden; lovely view of Lisbon in the way from and to the venue; it’s self service and it often forms a line)

Event supported by the Foundation for Science and Technology (Fundação para a Ciência e para a Tecnologia) of the Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science under the projects UIDB/00183/2020.