ArgLab • Permanent Seminar

A dynamic view of deep disagreement

Dima Mohammed (IFILNOVA – NOVA University Lisbon)

In this problem discussion, I explore the relationship between deep disagreement and polarisation. Starting from Aiken and Talisse (2020) and Fogelin (1985), I adopt an argumentative perspective trying to understand the overlap as well as the differences between situations of deep disagreement and those of polarisation. I pay special attentions to the different interpretations of Fogelin’s idea of deep disagreement as a context in which the conditions for argument do not exist (e.g. Campolo 2009, Ranalli 2020) and I discuss the implications of these different interpretations. Eventually, I suggest that a discursive dynamic account, based on the overlap between deep disagreement and polarisation, is instrumental for the examination of cases typically approached as deep disagreements.

Dima Mohammed (IFILNOVA – NOVA University Lisbon)

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This event is organized by P. Abreu and E. Rast. The purpose of this seminar series is to give researchers a platform to discuss ongoing work and problems in the philosophy of language, epistemology, argumentation, metaethics, and related areas. For administrative inquiries, please contact Pedro Abreu <> or Erich Rast <>.