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Argumentation, Communication and Context

Argupolis is a doctoral program focused on the study of argumentation practices as embedded in different social contexts. It is based in Switzerland, as part of a strong international research network. Within this network, research projects dealing with issues related to argumentation in several specific contexts (e.g. media, health, politics … etc.) are developed.


The workshop ArgLab Presents Argupolis in Lisbon: Argumentation, Communication and Context is meant to provide Argupolis students with the chance of presenting and discussing their doctoral research. It is hosted by the ArgLab, and will take place at the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The workshop will include 3 morning and 2 afternoon sessions:


  • The Morning / Current Research Sessions (23, 24 and 25 October, 9:00-12:30) will feature presentations of the state of the students’ doctoral research. Each student will be allocated a slot of 45 minutes: a 20-minute presentation + a 10-minute commentary by a fellow student and a15-minute discussion with the audience, moderated by a senior researcher who has read the student’s paper beforehand.
  • The afternoon / data presentations (23 and 24 October, 15:00-18:00) will feature presentations of the kind of data analysis the students’ are doing. Student will present short descriptions and/or small samples of the data they are using, a set of research questions which the data analysis is meant to address, and a short example of the analysis conducted. Each student will be allocated a slot of 30 minutes: a 15-20 minute presentation + a 10-minute discussion moderated by a senior researcher.


The workshop attendance is open to graduate students and researchers interested in the study of argumentation, communication and context (Attendance is free of charge; please contact us to register).