EPLab • Reading Group

Ethics and Meta-Ethics Reading Group

Schedule for the 2017 sessions

The sessions will take place at the ID Building and are open to the participation of all IFILNOVA researchers.

Schedule for the 2017 sessions
- 19 April | 11h (Room ID 1.05)
Prof. António Marques will discuss John Rawls' "Political Constructivism".

- 3 May | 11h (Room ID 1.05)
Jamie Buckland: John McDowell’s ‘Values and Secondary Qualities’.

- 17 May | 11 h (Room ID 1.05)
André Santos Campos: "Truth in Morals and External Skepticism", R. Dworkin

- 31 May | 11h (Room ID 1.05)
Fritz-Anton Fritzson: "The Right and the Good", Judith Jarvis Thomson.

- 14 June
Regina Queiroz: "Kant's categorical imperative in Law, Legislation and Liberty", F.Hayek

- 28 June
Susana Cadilha: "Reflections on the Evolution of Morality", C. Korsgaard

- 12 July
Erich Rast: "The possibility of parity", Ruth Chang