EPLab • Masterclass

Marx and Morality

Terry Eagleton (Lancaster University)

It is with great pleasure that IFILNOVA/EPLAB will receive Professor Terry Eagleton for a conference on ‘Marx and Morality’.

Terry Eagleton, chair in English Literature in Lancaster University’s department of English and Creative Writing, is a hugely influential literary critic and cultural theorist. He is perhaps best known for his bestselling Literary Theory: An Introduction which has sold close to a million copies but he has also written many other books (around 50) including fiction (Saints and Scholars), memoir (The Gatekeeper), and a screenplay for Derek Jarman’s film about Wittgenstein. As a public intellectual he has been known in recent years for his criticisms of the New Atheism of people like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. But he has also, this year, had a book published – Materialism – in which he discusses the philosophical work of Wittgenstein, Marx, and Nietzsche amongst others.