EPLab • Reading Group

Mattia Riccardi

Ressentiment and Second-Personal Resentment

Mattia Riccardi will host a session on “Ressentiment and Second-Personal Resentment” by Stephen Darwall (in Honor, History, and Relationship. Essays in Second-Personal Ethics II, OUP 2013.). The reading group of the Ethics and Political Philosophy Laboratory will take place online, via Zoom. Anyone interested in participating can send an email to Filipe Faria.

Next sessions
3/11 Pedro Teixeira (Centre Marc Bloch, Humboldt University of Berlin)
"Workplace democracy — The recent debate"
Philosophy Compass, 14(4), e12574, 2019.

17/11 Giovanni Damele (Nova University of Lisbon)
Mariano Croce & Andrea Salvatore
"Little room for exceptions: on misunderstanding Carl Schmitt"
History of European Ideas, 2021.

15/12 Regina Queiroz (Lusofona University/Nova University of Lisbon)
"From the tyranny of the individual to neoliberal populism"
Journal of Political Ideologies, 2021.