ArgLab • Colloquium

Rudi Palmieri

Anti-Money-Laundering-related argumentative practices: a research in progress

In this talk, I present a research project currently carried out at the USI-University of Lugano by an interdisciplinary team of scholars. The project, BankAr-CoD, aims at identifying and evaluating the communicative and, more in particular, the argumentative strategies through which Swiss banks try to reconcile the AML monitoring and reporting obligations with their institutional goals (cf. Cottier & Palmieri 2009).


Relying on the notion of interaction field (Rigotti & Rocci 2006), I will first of all characterize the context-change introduced by AML laws. Then, I will elicit three argumentative practices that emerge as necessary for banks in order to implement such obligations effectively. These practices are reconstructed in terms of argumentative activity types (van Eemeren 2010). Finally, I will shortly explain the methods through which they can be analyzed, presenting some examples related to the first (still provisional) emerging results.


Rudi Palmieri, USI-University of Lugano

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