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SOUND PRINT: Monteith McCollum

Film and sound maker, Monteith McCollum (State University of New York, Binghamton), will be in person for screening and conversation, moderated by Maile Colbert (FSCH-NOVA, CineLab), about the relationship between sound and image in varies forms and materials of cinema, and that relationship to time.


McCollum will screen the single channel version of his newest project, Rabbit in the Sand (2018), constructed from scraps of analog waveforms and agricultural pen & ink illustrations. “Rabbit in the Sand” uses a dental camera in combination with a 1970’s Hearn video processing system to form a series of hazy, delicate, and ruptured imagery. Loosely inspired by Rorschach’s studies and the ink blot, the film prompts the viewer to form their own impressions.


Follow this will be the screening of his trilogy, including: Soundprint (2014), Listen (2013), and In a Free Sound Field (2017).