EPLab • Workshop

Workplace Justice across Age Groups and Generations

Friday, 14th July
University of Essex, Colchester Campus


Malte Jauch (University of Essex) & André Santos Campos (NOVA University Lisbon)


University of Essex
IFILNOVA – NOVA Institute of Philosophy (Research project “Present Democracy for Future Generations”, PTDC/FER-FIL/6088/2020)
The Society for Applied Philosophy


9h30 – 10h30
Nicola Mulkeen (University of Newcastle)
AI, Future Generations and The Right to Work
Discussant: Thomas Ferretti (LSE)

10h35 – 11h35
Manuel Valente (Leiden University)
What do Children owe their Ageing Parents? On Reciprocity, Equality and Solidarity
Discussant: James Christensen (University of Essex)

11h50 – 12h50
Devon Cass (NOVA University Lisbon)
What’s Wrong with the Complete Lives View
Discussant: Isabella Trifan (University of Essex)

14h30 – 15h30
Pedro Teixeira (Centre Marc Bloch, Humboldt University of Berlin)
Justice and democracy at work: intergenerational conflicts and the need for labour constitutions
Discussant: Peter Bloom (University of Essex)

Charlotte Unruh (Corpus Christi College, Oxford University)
Future Generations and the Meaning of Work
Discussant: José Gusmão (NOVA University Lisbon)

Tom Parr (University of Warwick)
The Persistence of the Diversity Problem, and How to Solve It
Discussant: André Santos Campos (NOVA University Lisbon)