Ana Carolina Calenzo Chaves
PHD Student

With an interdisciplinary trajectory, she took part as a researcher at PADE, associated with the Body Art Department, and at PET-ECO, linked with the Communication School, both at UFRJ, university where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. Subsequently, she entered the course in Aesthetics and Theory of Theather, at UNIRIO, which contributed to a growing interest in theater and resulted in the master’s thesis on Rancière and Ibsen, developed at UFRRJ under the orientation of Professor Pedro Hussak.

As an IFILNOVA scholarship holder, she is currently undertaking an investigation as a Ph.D. student, supervised by Maria João Branco and João Pedro Cachopo, about the relationship between Nietzsche’s philosophy and Rancière’s work with a focus on the spectator and the book “The Birth of Tragedy”, as well as in the last cycle of plays by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. It is intended, therefore, to advance the investigation, which began with the master’s degree, into the rupture from the representative to the aesthetic regime of art. Currently she participates in the Núcleo de Pensamento e Música (CESEM), has published articles, in addition to expanded abstracts, in academic journals, and presented works in several seminars and academic conferences, such as the Encontro de Pesquisadoras na Filosofia, in 2021, transmitted by Rede Brasileira de Mulheres Filósofas.