Andrés Soria-Ruiz
Research Fellow

I am a philosopher with extended knowledge of contemporary debates in metaethics and philosophy of language and who has a sound command of the methodology of contemporary formal semantics and pragmatics. My thesis offers an expressivist or non-factualist account of evaluative adjectives that takes into account their scalar properties. Besides my doctoral work, my interests span to further topics in philosophy of language (synonymy; the de re/se/dicto distinction; knowledge ascriptions) and formal semantics and pragmatics (anti-factivity, belief reports).

I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at IFILNOVA’s ArgLab, under the supervision of Erich Rast and Marcin Lewiński, on the topic of metalinguistic disagreements.

book chapters
ArgLab • book chapters
Semántica de los adjetivos evaluativos [in press]
Semántica de los adjetivos evaluativos [in press]
Andrés Soria Ruiz
D. Pérez Chico (Ed.), Contextualismo Semántico. Prensa Universitaria de Zaragoza.