Frederico Carvalho
PhD Student

Frederico Carvalho is a PhD candidate in Moral and Political Philosophy at Faculdade de Ciências Socias e Humanas of NOVA University of Lisbon. He is currently working on his PhD thesis entitled “Rethinking Moral Naturalism: From Natural Conditions to Moral Truths”, a project supervised by Professor Susana Cadilha and funded by an FCT scholarship (2023.01370.BD). Previously, in the same institution, he completed his Master’s degree in Political Philosophy (2023), during which he wrote a dissertation on Sharon Street’s darwinian dilemma and on the evolution of cooperation. He is also co-organizer of EPLab’s reading group “The Sciences of Ethics and Political Philosophy”, a partnership between NOVA Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA) and the Centre of Philosophy of Science of the University of Lisbon (CFCUL).