Miguel Rico
PHD Student

Miguel Rico is a screenwriter and works at SPi and SP Televisão, in the content department and script development. He is a Ph.D. student in Communication Sciences — specializing in cinema and television — at NOVA University Lisbon, where he is researching the relationship between screenwriting, philosophy, and literature through the research project “Story Is A Flat Circle: A Screenwriter’s Intertextual Response To Philosophical Pessimism In HBO’s True Detective“. He has a Master’s in Audiovisual and Multimedia from the School of Communication and Media Studies — ESCS, where he wrote his thesis “Rewriting Bergman: The Transnational Adaptation of a Cinematic Screenplay”. He has worked as an assistant director for live-streaming on the online platforms of Expresso and SIC Notícias through GMK Produções, has been a video editor for entertainment, podcasts, advertising, and institutional videos, and was a trainee scriptwriter at SP Televisão. He has been a jury member at film festivals and a critic and contributor to Comunidade Cultura e Arte. He collaborates with the research group “Cinema e Política: Aproximações Filosóficas” (Cinema and Politics: Philosophical Approaches) at the NOVA Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA). He has been among the winners of festivals and competitions such as the 48H Film Project and the Albertino dos Santos Matias Literary Prize.