Wigson Rafael
PhD Student

PhD student in Philosophy at NOVA University Lisbon (2021). Master in Philosophy at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (2019-2021). Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Federal University of Pará (2014-2018). During graduation, he belonged to the Group of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spaces (GTQCEC), having acted as a fellow under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Luís Carlos Bassalo Crispino (2014). He joined the Research Group on Nietzsche and Contemporary Philosophy (2018-2020), coordinated by Professors Dr. Roberto de Almeida Pereira de Barros and Dr. Ernani Pinheiro Chaves, working on Nietzsche’s considerations about scientific thought, as well as on the possible relations of the German philosopher’s work with that of philosophers of science, such as: Thomas S. Kuhn, Paul K. Feyerabend and Werner Heisenberg. In his master’s degree, he obtained a research scholarship awarded by the Carlos Chagas Foundation for Research Support of the State of Rio de Janeiro (2019-2021), where he investigated the influence of the natural philosopher and Jesuit Ruggero Boscovich in the work of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Antonio Augusto Passos Videira.

He is also a member of the research, teaching, and extension group Physikos – Studies in History and Philosophy of Physics and Cosmology (FACH-UFMS) and of the research group Social and Conceptual Studies of Science, Technology, and Society (ECTS) of the Philosophy Department of UERJ. The results of his research have been published in indexed journals as well as in book chapters. He has experience in Physics, with emphasis on Gravitation and Quantum Field Theory, Epistemology, History and Philosophy of Science.