Research Projects
Rethinking the Moving Image and Time in Gilles Deleuze’s Philosophy

This project gives a critical analysis of the analogy commonly made by interpretations of Gilles Deleuze’s work between philosophy of time and philosophy of film. It will claim that the relationship between image, movement and time has not been the object of a consistent critical study. The main research questions are: How does the moving image cease to be a mere illustration of metaphysics of time and begin to contribute to philosophical thought? What conditions of real experience of time can we find in the moving image? How can we overcome reification imposed by an image of time? The aims are to: map a genealogy of a philosophy of time in Difference and Repetition; analyse the philosophical challenges and temporal limits of an image of art; understand in what ways a film philosophy, together with a philosophy of time, help us to understand concepts of ‘Past’ and ‘History’.