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Cinema: Um Compêndio Filosófico

The compendium, Cinema: Um Compêndio Filósofico, is composed of entries on critics, filmmakers, theoreticians, and philosophers, who have made a significant contribution to the acknowledgment and thinking of the relations and connections between film and philosophy. It is a work in progress.


  • BAZIN, André (João Mário Grilo)
  • CAVELL, Stanley (Joana Pimenta)
  • DELEUZE, Gilles (Susana Viegas)
  • EISENSTEIN, Sergei (Jorge Gonçalves)
  • EPSTEIN, Jean (Maria Irene Aparício)
  • JARVIE, Ian (Joana Pimenta)
  • LYOTARD, François (Susana Nascimento Duarte)
  • MERLEAU-PONTY, Maurice (Susana Viegas)
  • RODOWICK, D. N. (Joana Pimenta)