Authors of the History of Philosophy

Immanuel Kant: Gesammelte Schriften (Akademie-Ausgabe), I-XXIII.

Immanuel Kant: Gesammelte Schriften (Akademie-Ausgabe), I-XXIII is comprised of the first 23 volumes of the Akademie-Ausgabe (2nd edition). Kant’s texts from these volumes are included complete, as are the various texts Kant used in his lectures (e.g., Baumgarten’s Metaphysica). In the Akademie-Ausgabe, the latter texts are broken into segments and are given in footnotes; here they are consolidated. As a result, the page numbers of some of the Nachlass volumes are sometimes out of sequential order: the same page in the Akademie-Ausgabe appears in these cases both in the consolidated text Kant was using for his lectures and in his commentary.

Kant, Immanuel. Gesammelte Schriften. Hrsg. von der Königlich-Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 1902-.
_____. Werke. Electronic edition. Berlin: Karsten Worm, 1998.

This collection contains:
The philosophical work published in Kant’s lifetime (in both Latin and German), together with primary texts which were published posthumously (AA I-IX)
Kant’s correspondence over the half century from 1747 to 1804 (AA X-XIII)
Kant’s Nachlass, the papers and drafts – including the influential Opus Postumum – left at his death in 1804 (AA XIV-XXIII)

Also included are the complete texts of A. G. Baumgarten’s Metaphysica and J. P. Eberhard’s Compendium, which Kant used for his lectures and which he annotated over many years.