ArgLab • Permanent Seminar

Fabrizia Garavaglia

A situated approach to consciousness in learning

What happens to us when we learn something new? How consciousness is linked with this process? Here I try to approach these fascinating questions by focusing on the process of individual learning, starting from two polarities. On one side, the role played by intentionality and intersubjectivity in individual action. On the other hand, the role played by motor conditioning. I distinguish between different types of learning (voluntary and recursive) and I try to explore if an interaction between neurophysiological and philosophical approaches could contribute to a different interpretation of some data, in order to have a broader notion of consciousness that could be associated with these learning processes. I’ll argue that an analysis of timing processes involved in this kind of mental activity could help to shed light on learning processes and could be relevant in the complex relationship between neural subjective activity and phenomenological experience of an action, on one hand, and intersubjective reality, on the other hand.