ArgLab • Seminar

Federico E. Lopez

Guided by the virtues: towards a theory of logical practices

The aim of this talk is to defend the relevance and the value of the study of argumentative virtues. Paying attention to the latter proves helpful, in the first instance, for the purpose of analysing certain phenomena inherent to our argumentative practices. In the second instance and from a methodological perspective focusing on argumentative virtues – rather than developing a theory of argumentation based on virtue (Virtue Argumentation Theory) – may broaden argumentation theorists’ outlooks on the logical practices deployed by rational agents. In particular, it will be argued that adopting this perspective on argumentative virtues helps overcome the retrospective bias of argumentation theory, with valuable consequences of a political and pedagogical nature.

Federico E. Lopez [Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP)]

This event will take place within the scope of the activities of the research group Philosophy and argumentation in society (PAIS), coordinated by Dina Mendonça (ArgLab/IFILNOVA).

To join the session on Zoom, use this link (password: 141456).