EPLab • Reading Group

Gabriele De Angelis

The ‘State of Exception’ Revisited

Gabriele De Angelis (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa) will host a session on “The ‘State of Exception’ Revisited” (work in progress). The reading group of the Ethics and Political Philosophy Laboratory will take place once a month, on Wednesdays, at 2:00 pm, both at Colégio Almada Negreiros (Room SA) and online, via Zoom. Anyone interested in participating can send an email to Filipe Faria: filipefaria@fcsh.unl.pt.

Next sessions
12 Apr – Giovanni Damele (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
John P. McCormick, Machiavellian Democracy: Controlling Elites with Ferocious Populism (in American Political Science Review, 2005)

10 May – Adriana Placani (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
Moral Dimensions of Offsetting Luxury Emissions (in Ethics, Policy and Environment)

07 Jun – Devon Cass (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
Can (and should) Children Be Free From Domination? (work in progress)