ArgLab • Permanent Seminar

Gloria Andrada (w/Robert Clowes)

Transparency in Extended Cognition

Extended cognition brings with it a particular phenomenology. It has been argued that when an artifact is integrated into an agent’s cognitive system it becomes transparent in use to the cognizing subject. At least according to what has become the standard conception of extended cognition, for a technology to be a good candidate for being a cognitive extension, it should be relied upon in an unreflective and automatic way, i.e. it must be transparent. In this talk, I present our work in progress on the phenomenology of extended cognition. To do so, first I briefly explain why technologies in extended cognition might not be as transparent to the cognizing subject as it has been standardly characterized. Then, I sketch a new account of the phenomenology of extended cognition, drawing from the different metacognitive feelings and sensations that interaction with our cognitive extensions might give rise to.


Gloria Andrada and Robert Clowes are members of IFILNOVA.