ArgLab • Permanent Seminar

‘It makes no sense to speak of sentences, if they have no instrumental value’ — Later Wittgenstein and the Practical view

Florian Franken Figueiredo (IFILNOVA)

IFILNOVA’s Value Research Seminar heartily invites everyone to an online talk by Florian Franken Figueiredo (IFILNOVA) .


The idea that the function of language is its use is commonly ascribed to the Later Wittgenstein. In my presentation, I argue that there is textual evidence already coming from the early manuscripts proving that Wittgenstein’s philosophical development is culminating in the idea of function as use around 1929–30. Some philosophers have argued that this development should be interpreted as a so-called ‘pragmatist turn’ in Wittgenstein’s work that is due to the influence of Frank P. Ramsey. However, I shall defend the view that that the very idea of a pragmatist turn, per se, is misguided and misleading. Instead, by recognising the important distinction between a pragmatist and practical commitments it will be possible to identify a practical but not thereby pragmatist turn in Wittgenstein’s development.

Everybody is welcome to join!

This event is organized by Pedro Abreu and Erich Rast. The purpose of this seminar series is to give researchers a platform to discuss ongoing work and problems — open to all traditions and topics, though currently with a focus on values, evaluative language, and the nature of disagreement. For administrative inquiries, please contact Pedro Abreu or Erich Rast. More information here. If you are interested in giving a talk at the larger ArgLab Colloquium series, please contact Dima Mohammed.