ArgLab • Colloquium

Juliano Maranhão

Deontic Matrix

Distinguished deontic logicians such as Nicholas Rescher in the 60´s, Lennart Aqvist in the 90´s and Sven Ove Hansson in the last Deon Conference in 2014 have pointed out that the distinguishing feature of deontic logic as a field is the broad disagreement about the validity and interpretation of its basic principles. The modern founding father of the field, Von Wright, is an icon of this diversity of his very opinions, along his several papers on philosophical problems concerning the application of logic to normative and moral discourse. This consensus about lack of consensus would indicate absence of a field and indeed the unifying criteria for the several logical systems proposed in the literature seems to be the very subject matter, not the method. But this rich environment  was the matrix of new fields of logical inquiry and systems, departing from philosophical problems and paradoxes of deontic logic, such as the logic of action and dynamic logic, logics of theory change, preference logic, non-monotonic logic and logics of defeasible argumentation. The talk will visit the main philosophical questions and problems in deontic logic whose proposed solution represented the beginning of a new field in philosophical logic.


Juliano Maranhão, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil


Event organized in collaboration with the XXII Seminário Luso-Hispano-Franco-Italiano de Teoria do Direito