ArgLab • Seminar

Klemens Kappel

The Proper Role of Science in Liberal Democracy

What role should science have in democratic decision-making? In my presentation, I will characterize and partially defend the view that consensual science should be public reason. Roughly, the standards of evidence and inquiry that commands broad agreement in the relevant scientific institutions can figure as justifications of public policies, just as facts established by the use of such methods in well-functioning scientific institutions. I will try to characterize this view, indicate how I think it should be defended, and consider various objections to it.

Klemens Kappel (University of Copenhagen)

This event will take place within the scope of the activities of the research group Philosophy and argumentation in society (PAIS), coordinated by Dina Mendonça (ArgLab/IFILNOVA).

To join the session on Zoom, use this link (password: 256914).