ArgLab • Lecture

Luis Rosa

Pseudo-questions and the norms of inquiry

Intuitively, an inquirer should avoid inquiring into pseudo-questions. It turns out to be difficult to make a more precise sense of that norm, however. This is largely due to the fact that, assuming that pseudo-questions are not questions at all, it is not even possible for an inquirer to inquire into pseudo-questions. In this paper, I will (a) discuss alternative criteria for distinguishing questions from pseudo-questions, and (b) flesh out more precise formulations of the target norm that stem from those alternative criteria. I will then show that the systematization of the norms of inquiry in general is contingent on the adequacy of our choices regarding (a) and (b).

Luis Rosa (CONCEPT, University of Cologne)

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This is the second Lisbon Wittgenstein Group Lecture, a series of lectures within the scope of the activities of the , coordinated by Nuno Venturinha.