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Nuria Sánchez Madrid on Macarena Marey

Kant's popular sovereignty and cosmopolitanism

The session will be hosted by Nuria Sánchez Madrid, who will talk about the text ‘Kant’s popular sovereignty and cosmopolitanism’, Constellations, 27(3), 2020, pp. 361-374.

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If you want to host one of the sessions, to be included on the group’s mailing list or to receive the text that will be discussed, please write to joaolemos@fcsh.unl.pt. The session will be in Portuguese but questions can be made in English. All sessions will be recorded and will be available on IFILNOVA’s YouTube channel.

25.03 – Francisco Maia: Jeremy Schwartz, "Was Kant a ‘Kantian Constructivist’?", Kantian Review, 22(2), 2017, pp. 257-280.

29.04 – Luís Miguel Simões: Wojciech Kozyra, "Kant on the Jews and their Religion", Diametros, 17(65), 2020, pp. 32-55.

27.05 – Giovanni Damele: Mario García Berger, "A Kantian Interpretation of Kelsen’s Basic Norm", Ratio Juris, 33(1), 2020, pp. 35-48.

24.06 – Alice Pinheiro Walla: B. Sharon Byrd, "Kant’s Theory of Contract", The Southern Journal of Philosophy, 36, 1997, pp. 131-153.


24.06 – EPLab Masterclass Series with Alice Pinheiro Walla: "Ius peregrinandi e Direito Cosmopolita" (time to be announced).

*The June 24 sessions (Kant Reading Group + EPLab Masterclass Series) will take place at CAN.