Lisbon Kant Group

The Lisbon Kant Group is a working group dedicated to the study of Kant’s philosophy as well as philosophies marked by a Kantian framework, namely within the sphere of moral and political philosophy, with a special focus on the topic of ethical values, and always in connection with other domains, such as aesthetics.

The Group has been given formal standing in 2022, following the activities that have been organized by the Kant Reading Group since 2019.

Despite being attached to the EPLab, the Lisbon Kant Group is a transverse group that includes not only members of several IFILNOVA laboratories, but also students of various course degrees at FCSH.

The members of the Lisbon Kant Group have published work in the main international journals within Kantian studies, such as Kantian Review, Kant-Studien, Kant Yearbook, Con-Textos Kantianos, and Estudos Kantianos. Among the collective publications of the group, the volume Kant: Atitudes, Experiências, Valores should be highlighted.

Among the main activities of the Lisbon Kant Group, one counts the sessions of the Kant Reading Group, which take place on a monthy basis, as well as regular sessions of the EPLab Masterclass Series and a yearly international conference on Kant’s philosophy. Widely acknowledged researchers such as António Marques, Angela Breitenbach, and Nuria Sánchez Madrid have participated in these activities, both in dialogue with researchers of IFILNOVA and students of various course degrees at FCSH.

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The Critical Value of Reflection in Kant
The Critical Value of Reflection in Kant
António Marques
B. Piru & H. Sievers (Eds.), Terror, Peace and Universalism: Essays on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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