ArgLab • Seminar

Paolo Stellino

Wittgenstein’s view of suicide

The aim of this talk is to provide an examination of Wittgenstein’s view of suicide. Attention is focused on the early period. This choice is motivated by two main reasons: first, Wittgenstein’s most interesting remarks on suicide date from this period, and second, suicide was an intensely personal matter for the young Wittgenstein. After an introduction in which it is shown how Wittgenstein’s early life was affected by several suicides and how he himself often thought of this possibility, attention is drawn to some of the important sources that influenced and shaped his view of suicide. Subsequently, Wittgenstein’s remarks on suicide will be explored and elucidated.

Paolo Stellino (IFILNOVA)

This is the seventh of a series of RIP seminars within the scope of the activities of the Lisbon Wittgenstein Group, coordinated by Nuno Venturinha.