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Robert Vinten on Wittgenstein

Wittgenstein, Justice, and Liberalism

Robert Vinten will host a session on “Wittgenstein, Justice, and Liberalism” (in Formas de Vida, ed. André Barata and José Manuel Santos, forthcoming). The reading group of the Ethics and Political Philosophy Laboratory will take place online, via Zoom. Anyone interested in participating can send an email to Filipe Faria.

Next Sessions
20/10 Mattia Riccardi (Universidade do Porto)

3/11 Pedro Teixeira (Free University of Berlin)

17/11 Giovanni Damele (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

15/12 Regina Queiroz (Universidade Lusófona/Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
"From the tyranny of the individual to neoliberal populism"
Journal of Political Ideologies, 2021.