Filosofia como Modo de Vida
Available in open access

The work Filosofia como Modo de Vida: Ensaios Escolhidos published by Edições 70 and organized by Federico Testa & Marta Faustino is available in open access. The work can be read or downloaded at the IFILNOVA Digital Library.

What if, in addition to a set of doctrines, theoretical claims and conceptual systems, philosophy could be thought of as something lived, as an existential condition and as the fundamental choice of a way of life? What if the truth that philosophers seek was not just a body of theoretical knowledge about the world, but a truth capable of transforming us ethically? What if, in addition to being studied, taught, learned, philosophy had a practical and performative potential, capable of responding to the deepest concerns of individuals and bringing about a transformation in their ways of being, living and existing in the world?

It is this image of philosophy that authors such as Pierre Hadot or Michel Foucault propose. For these authors, the spiritual exercises, technologies of the self and arts of living of the ancients and all their recoveries throughout the history of Western thought reveal another history of philosophy.

Taking this reinterpretation of the history of philosophy as a starting point and inspiration, this volume consists of a collection of essays on “philosophy as a way of life”, written by some of the most renowned authors of the contemporary English-speaking debate and translated for the first time in Portuguese, including John Sellars, Michael Chase, Ian Hunter, Daniele Lorenzini, John Cooper, Martha Nussbaum, Julia Annas, Matthew Sharpe, Martine Béland, Michael Ure, Keith Ansell-Pearson, Tobias Dahlkvist and Arnold I. Davidson.

Filosofia como Modo de Vida: Ensaios Escolhidos
Testa, F., Faustino, M. (Org.)
ISBN 9789724425269