Diana Neiva
PhD Student

Diana Neiva is a PhD Student of Philosophy in the University of Minho. She was awarded with an FCT Studentship to work on her doctoral project “Film as Philosophy: philosophizing through cinematic thought experiments” supervised by Vítor Moura, Susana Viegas and Tom McClelland. She obtained her MA in Contemporary Philosophy from the University of Porto, with a dissertation about film as philosophy and metaphilosophy, supervised by Sofia Miguens and Thomas Wartenberg. She was also awarded with an Erasmus+ Grant, and made an Erasmus Internship in the Department of Philosophy of the University of Warwick, under the supervision of Tom McClelland. Recent publications include Philosophy and Films: Bridging Divides published by Routledge and co-edited with Christina Rawls and Steven S. Gouveia in 2019, and “Can Films Philosophize?” Review of Current Controversies in Philosophy of Film, in the American Society of Aesthetics Graduate E-Journal. Her main areas of research include the film as philosophy hypothesis, philosophy of horror, cognitivist and feminist theories of film, philosophy of thought experiments, and metaphilosophy.