Luís Manuel Bernardo
Full Professor

Luís Manuel A. V. Bernardo is a Full Professor at NOVA FCSH. With extensive experience in academic management, he is currently Coordinator of the Autonomous Section of Education and Teaching Training and of the Master’s degree in Philosophy Teaching in Secondary Education. Its main areas of teaching, supervision, evaluation, research and publication are the History of Philosophy, the Philosophy of Knowledge and Language, Ethics and Political philosophy and the Philosophy of Culture and Education.

An expert of Eric Weil’s philosophy, he is particularly interested in the way in which philosophical texts, discourses, controversies, systems, especially from the 18th century on, seek to define the meanings of Modernity. He practices a hybrid hermeneutics, committed to historicity, which associates perspectives derived from the Philosophy of knowledge, language and culture. Member of the editorial board of several magazines and collections, he has published several books, papers and translations in his areas of intervention, developing a systematic dialogue with the philosophical proposals of the continental critical tradition, as well as the philosophy made in Portugal. He is a member of several scientific societies, regularly participating in scientific meetings and carrying out teaching missions both nationally and internationally.

Previously, he was Deputy Deputy Director for Curriculum Management and Teaching Evaluation, elected member of the Pedagogical Council, Quality Officer of NOVA FCSH, Responsible for the Teaching Quality Assurance System and Member of the Teaching Quality Council of UNL, PhD in Philosophy, Coordinator of the PhD in Philosophy, Coordinator fo the Departmental Mobility, Coordinator of the Master’s degree in Philosophy, President of the Scientific Committee of Philosophy, Coordinator of the Department of Philosophy, Deputy Director of the Centre for The History of Culture and CHAM – Centre for the Humanities, being in charge of editions and libraries.

He regularly collaborates with the areas of Education Sciences, Portuguese as a second and foreign language and teacher training.