Luís Miguel Simões
PhD Candidate

Luís Miguel Simões is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at the Nova University of Lisbon, under the supervision of Prof. Nuno Venturinha. He was awarded a PhD scholarship by FCT, and at ifilnova he is a member of the research group of EPLab. He earned a 4-year BA (1996), a 2-year Post-Graduation (MA curricular programme) (1998), and a 4-year MA with thesis (2008), all in Philosophy and by the University of Lisbon. At the latter he was also an associated research member of the Centre of Philosophy (1996-2004). He was an assistant lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Beira Interior, as well as an associated research member of the Institute of Practical Philosophy (2005-09). He was a visiting researcher at the University of Aberdeen (June-August 2017) and at the University of Oxford (September-December 2017; November 2019).