Marion Pollaert
Research Fellow

Marion Pollaert is a postdoctoral fellow at NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal. Their research focuses on Plato and the contemporary reception of ancient political philosophies. They are currently affiliated with two research teams: the STL (Savoirs, Textes, Langage: UMR 8163) laboratory in Lille and the Centre Jean Pépin (UMR 8230) in Paris. They are in the process of turning their dissertation into a book in English. The main contribution of this dissertation to our knowledge of Plato is to propose an original understanding of the two-world problem as well as the historical contextualization of primary political concepts within Western theoretical thought. Their second book on Being and Value is expected to be published by Vrin at the beginning in early 2025. Beginning with the link between knowledge and action in Plato’s Republic, this project extends to the question of the Socratic legacy, other Platonic dialogues, and contemporary philosophy.