Marta Mendonça
Associate Professor

Marta Mendonça is Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy of NOVA University Lisbon and supervisor of undergraduate studies. She is a graduate in Philosophy from Universidad of Navarra, Spain (extraordinary degree award), Master and PhD (2001) from NOVA University Lisbon. She studied in Spain (Navarra), France (Paris 1, Paris 4 and EHESS), the United Kingdom (Oxford) and Germany (Berlin). She has published mainly in the fields of Early Modern Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Nature and Bioethics. She has been visiting professor in several universities in Spain, France, Brazil, Chile and the United Kingdom. She is a member of various international scientific academies and societies and a founding member of Red Iberoamericana Leibniz. She was a member of the National Council of Ethics for Life Sciences (2003-2009).