Pedro Inock
PhD Student

Pedro Inock is a transdisciplinary artist with a focus on video art, performance, and painting. His artistic and academic work revolves around the exploration and intersections of visual expression, phenomenon, deceleration, and death within the context of the experience of time.

He completed his master’s degree in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon (2016) and currently works with Prospect Art — Los Angeles, where he serves as the Director of Programming and Curation for the 4th Wall Video Art Network program.

Pedro is a doctoral candidate in the course of Artistic Studies — Art and Mediations at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities of the NOVA University Lisbon, under the guidance of Professor Susana Viegas. He is developing his thesis titled “Freeze-Frame, o Fenómeno em potência nos interstícios da Imagem, a suspensão de tempo como rememoração para a morte na contemporaneidade” (Freeze-Frame, the Phenomenon in potential in the interstices of the Image, the suspension of time as a remembrance for death in contemporary times). This research focuses on the frozen image and the study of the interstices between images, using photography, cinema, and the philosophy of image to map a space for an “absence”, contributing to the deepening of research on death, silence, and deceleration.