Regina Queiroz
Research Fellow

Regina Queiroz received her PhD in Political and Social Philosophy from the University of Lisbon (2002). She has done research on social, ethical and political justice and rationality, namely on the Rawlsian concept of justice as fairness, and Aristotelian (concept) of phronesis. The comparative analysis between liberalism and neoliberalism is also a research focus. These seemingly disparate research strands are linked by a common concern, namely personal responsibility in establishing fair and reasonable social and political institutions.

Regina Queiroz is a member of the Editorial Board of Humanities & Social Sciences Communications of the Springer Nature Publisher. She has published articles in Palgrave Communications, Critical Policy Studies, Journal of Political Ideologies, Ethics Business: A European Review, Philosophy of Management, Archai, and book chapters in De Gruyter, Springer and Peter Lang.

book chapters
Articles in peer-reviewed journals