Sara Teles Varela
PhD Student

Sara Teles Varela is a PhD student in Artistic Studies at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Universidade Nova de Lisboa where she is currently developing her thesis entitled “The Rescue of the Face: the Auratic Look in Cinema”. During her undergraduate programme in Communication and Culture at UCP – Universidade Católica Portuguesa, she took a special interest in courses related to film and philosophy. She later enrolled in a Master’s degree in Communication Studies – Television and Cinema in the same university, where she presented the dissertation “The Look in Jean-Luc Godard’s Cinema: a Game of Dominance and Resistance”. Her current research project, funded by the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT), aims to understand the breaking of the fourth wall as means of a possible ethical restoration of the aura linked to the levinasian concept of ethics of the face trough what can be understood as a direct and emphatic look to camera.