Sovereignty as Value
new book edited by André Santos Campos and Susana Cadilha
Sovereignty as Value ifilnova

We’re happy to annouce that Sovereignty as Value, edited by André Santos Campos and Susana Cadilha, has been published and is now for sale.


Sovereignty as Value is one of the first books to examine sovereignty using solely a normative approach. Through fourteen original essays, the book seeks to understand its viability in a globalized world, thus taking into account the inclusion of a language of rights, limitation and legitimacy. The authors’ focus is on whether sovereignty as a normative concept might be understood as a criterion of legitimate power and authority; as a foundational concept of public ethics applied to political and legal institutions.



André Santos Campos & Susana Cadilha

Diogo Pires Aurélio

Christopher W. Morris

Ludvig Beckman

Sergio Dellavalle

Jiří Přibáň

Antonia Waltermann

Anna Meine

Margaret Moore

David Miller

Eszter Kollar & Ayelet Banai

Christine Hobden

Benjamin Gregg

Soraya Nour Sckell


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