CultureLab • Permanent Seminar

Kai Whiting

How Might a Stoic Eat in Accordance with Nature and 'Environmental Facts'

This paper explores how to deliberate about food choices from a Stoic perspective informed by the value of environmental sustainability. This perspective is reconstructed from both ancient and contemporary sources of Stoic philosophy. An account of what the Stoic goal of “living in agreement with nature” would amount to in dietary practice is presented. Given ecological facts about food production, an argument is made that Stoic virtue made manifest as wisdom, justice, courage, and temperance compel Stoic practitioners to select locally sourced, low resource input, plant-based foods whenever circumstances allow.

Discussant: Ana Falcato.

Kai Whiting is a university lecturer and researcher based at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. His specialist subjects are Stoicism and sustainability.