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New collection on Philosophy & Values
First volumes on Freedom and Equality

The first two books of a new collection of essays entitled Philosophy & Values, coordinated by EPLab researchers Susana Cadilha and André Santos Campos and by Hélder Telo, have just been published by Edições 70.

We all recognize that certain things are good and should be pursued while others are bad and should be avoided. It is in this sense that such things have value for us. This does not mean that we have a clear idea of what these values (ethical, political, aesthetic, epistemological, etc.) consist of. Values are diverse and can lead us to hesitate when faced with different alternatives. However, it is possible to group, define and rank them hierarchically. This has, in fact, been one of the essential tasks of philosophy throughout its history, and the collection Filosofia & Valores seeks to provide some context for this history. The essays that comprise it, written by researchers from the Institute of Philosophy of the NOVA University Lisbon (IFILNOVA), seek to explore both what has already been thought about these values and the new possibilities for reflection that are opened up by contemporary challenges. A total of 12 volumes will be published, corresponding to as many values.

Liberdade, by Regina Queiroz, and Igualdade, by Devon Cass, are the first titles in the collection. More information available in Portuguese.

Queiroz, R.
ISBN 9789724427898

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Cass, D.
ISBN 9789724427904

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