Nicolau de Oliveira Araújo
PhD Student

Nicolau de Oliveira Araújo is a cinematography professor at the Cinema and Audiovisual course at the Federal Institute of Brasilia, Brazil. He works as a screenwriter, director and producer and has been involved in the process of creating music videos, shorts and feature films. He directed the short films Como Largar de Palhaçada (2017), Paredes Clandestinas (2019) and Descamar (2024). He is the author of two books and a researcher in the area of ​​cinematographic authorship and cultural accessibility. His research work seeks, from a philosophical basis, to understand the process of transmutation that occurs when becoming an author, focusing on authorship in Brazilian documentaries in the first person. He has a degree and master’s degree in cinema and is a PhD candidate in Communication Sciences at NOVA University in Lisbon.