Nuno Fonseca
Appointed Research Fellow and Coordinator of the Art, Critique and Aesthetic Experience Group

Nuno Fonseca (b. 1974) is currently an integrated researcher at the Instituto de Filosofia da Nova (Ifilnova) and, within Culturelab, coordinates the group Art, Critique and Aesthetic Experience. He investigates various topics of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art (aesthetic experience and values) both in the context of sound art and urban experience. In parallel, he continues his research on the Port-Royal Logic, being the author of its first Portuguese translation.


At FCSH-UNL, he taught “Rhetoric and Argumentation” (2012-2014), in the course of Communication Sciences, the seminar “Art and Experience” (2012-2013), in the Masters in Aesthetics, and several short courses on the Philosophy of Sound Art and Music (2015-2018).


Graduated in Law (1998) and in Philosophy (2004) from the University of Coimbra, he completed his PhD in Philosophy (Epistemology and Theory of Knowledge) at FCSH-UNL in 2012, working on issues of representation and perception.