Paula Carvalho
Research Fellow

PhD in Philosophy – Aesthetics in 2019 from F.C.S.H./ Universidade Nova de Lisboa is a member of Nova Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA). Her PhD thesis, Wittgenstein and Performance. Crossovers and Influences, focuses on Wittgenstein’s philosophy and its main motif consists in showing that a musical practice impacted the development of Wittgenstein’s thought, whilst concurrently seeking fertile elucidations to think about musical performance.


Her interests focus on aesthetic questions and the relationship between philosophy and music. Chief authors: Nietzsche,Wittgenstein, Walter Benjamin and Gilles Deleuze.
Bachelor in Piano, she has been a Piano teacher at N. Sra. do Cabo Music School, Lisboa.
She is member of the CultureLab’s research group “Art, Critique and Aesthetic Experience” and has been developping his research within the scope of the project “Fragmentation and Reconfiguration: experiencing the city between art and philosophy”.