Steven S. Gouveia
Research Fellow

Steven S. Gouveia holds a PhD from the University of Minho (Portugal) and was supervised by the philosopher Manuel Curado and the neuroscientist Georg Northoff. He was a visiting researcher at the Minds, Brain Imaging and Neuroethics Unit of the Royal Institute of Mental Health at the University of Ottawa where he is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher. He is a researcher at the Mind, Language and Action Group, Institute of Philosophy, University of Porto, and at the Lisbon Mind & Reasoning Group, IFILNOVA – NOVA University Lisbon. He has published as author and editor 12 academic books (with Routledge, Palgrave or Bloomsbury), the most recent being “Philosophy & Neuroscience: a Methodological Analysis” (2022). He is the host of the international documentary “The Age of Artificial Intelligence: the Documentary” and has been a speaker in countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Malta and Cyprus. He is Professor of several online courses that include some of the most important professors in the world, such as Peter Singer, Noam Chomsky or Joseph LeDoux.