Research Projects
Erasmus + EACH – Early Childhood and Sustainable Citizenship Routes in the Digital Era

EACH project will provide professionals with tools to nourish transversal key competences (critical thinking, social skills and meta-cognitive skills) and digital competences in pre-schools, by implementing participatory educational actions (e.g. based on “Community of Enquiry” approach), and has the the support of Apei (Associação de Profissionais de Educação de Infância).

The project fosters intelligent interaction between education, philosophy, psychology and media education by making digital citizenship skills the focus of dialogue and collaborative practices in what concerns the awareness of the environment, given the urgent need for a strong commitment towards environmental sustainability and against climate change.

In order to ensure harmonious intervention in the Consortium of the teams from five different countries involved (Portugal, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, and Poland), the awareness about environmental and climate-change challenges will be the frame to ground and integrate all planned educational actions.