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Linhas de fuga da comunidade estética e política em Kant (morte, exclusão, compaixão): um diálogo com Blanchot e Rancière

Nuria Sánchez Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Info available in portuguese.

Nuria Sánchez Madrid is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Univ. Complutense of Madrid. She is coordinator of the Group of Research “Normativity, Emotions, Discourse and Society” (GINEDIS) at the Univ. Complutense and of the Latin American Network of Research “Kant: Ethics, Politics and Society”, supported by the AUIP. She is external member of the CFUL of the Univ. of Lisbon and of the Group of Research “Aesthetics, Politics and Knowledge” at the IF of the Univ. of Porto. She has been Visiting Professor at Chile, Brazil, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Turkey and published as editor and author with De Gruyter, Olms and Palgrave McMillan.