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Yearly Seminar on Teaching Philosophy

Marco António Gonçalves Coelho | Repensar a Experiência: De Deleuze a Dewey

The next session of the Yearly Seminar on Teaching Philosophy will be hosted by Marco António Gonçalves Coelho. The session, entitled Repensar a Experiência: De Deleuze a Dewey, will be face-to-face with online transmission, and will take place on November 24th, in room A002 (Tower A) of NOVA FCSH, at 6 pm.

Abstract available in Portuguese. To join the session via Zoom, use this link.

Yearly Seminar

The Yearly Seminar on Teaching Philosophy aims to create a discussion group on the teaching of philosophy, in continuity with the Masters on Philosophy Teaching and in order to include all those who are interested in thinking together about the teaching of Philosophy.

The Seminar will be divided into two parts, the 1st Part consisting of a theoretical presentation (ideally with application in the classroom context) and the 2nd Part in the discussion and sharing of issues in the Classroom (difficulties, problems, solutions, adaptations, etc.).

The Seminar will be monthly. Sessions will be in Portuguese and will last 1h30m (Fridays at 6 PM).


Dina Mendonça (ArgLab/PAIS)
Luís Manuel Bernardo (EPLAB)

This seminar will take place within the scope of the activities of the research group Philosophy and argumentation in society (PAIS), coordinated by Dina Mendonça.